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[audio]Foreword From The Founder  Foreword from the Founder Our beliefs are strongly reinforced by an overwhelming mass of substantiated evidence. They are based on the eternal Laws of Nature; they are based on the lessons and experience of history; furthermore; they are based on logic, common sense and reality, not myth and fantasy. No other religion can honestly make this claim. We furthermore believe that in 6000 years of recorded history, Nature’s Eternal Religion is the most profound an...
Keywords: Ben Klassen
Downloads: 4
[audio]Ben Klassen White Or Aryan
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgA Choice of Terms for Our Race "White" Is Better Than "Aryan" or "Caucasian" by Ben Klassen, P.M.In all my writings I have rejected from the very beginning of Creativity the "Aryan" terminology as being completely inadequate. And the reason I have done so Is because the term is so vague, so nondescript as to be meaningless. Like the much bandied about word "spirit", when critically examined, nobody knows what It is, or what they ...
Keywords: Ben Klassen
Downloads: 66
[audio]In Klassen We Trust – Show 26 – Why We Hate This System. Upcoming Meeting In Peoria, Illinois
In Klassen We Trust – Show 26 – Why We Hate This System. Upcoming Meeting In Peoria, Illinois
Keywords: Ben Klassen
Downloads: 3
[texts]Le Petit Livre Blanc - Ben Klassen
Le Petit Livre Blanc - Ben Klassen (1991).
Keywords: Ben Klassen
Downloads: 1,883
[audio]No Random Act: The Ben Klassen Story - 11: Looking for the "Great Promotor"
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgNo Random Act: The Ben Klassen Story - 11: Looking for the "Great Promotor"In Texas, after persistent investigation, Klassen discovered that his bank had recently been purchased by John Landon, a key associate of Peter Galanis, arrested as the alleged mastermind behind the nationwide, multimillion-dollar investment scam. At one point, Chilton Private Bank allegedly allowed Galanis's wife, Chandra, to overdraw her account by about...
Keywords: Ben Klassen; COTC; Creativity
Downloads: 30
[audio]No Random Act: The Ben Klassen Story - 10: Shoot 'Em Up
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgNo Random Act: The Ben Klassen Story - 10: Shoot 'Em UpWith Carles C. Messick III installed as Hasta Primus of the Church of the Creator, the Klassens could finally get away from headquarters. Earlier, in February 1984, the Klsasens had taken a quick trip to Egypt, where Klassen speculated on the white origins of ancient Egypt, claiming the civilization's demise came as a result of race mixing with the Arabs and black Africans...
Keywords: Ben Klassen; COTC
Downloads: 18
Racial Loyalty Issues, Ben Klassen, Church of Creativity.
Keywords: Ben Klassen; Racial Loyalty
Downloads: 19
Montana Human Rights Denying Rights of People They Don't Like
Keywords: Hale; RAHOWA; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 12
[movies]Kreativistens Kyrka - Musikvideos - Kreativistens Kyrka
Keywords: Ben Klassen; Kreativism; Kreativistens Kyrka
Downloads: 230
[audio]Building A Whiter And Brighter World (1986)
Keywords:; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 12
[audio]Föreläsningar av Ben Klassen - Kreativistens Kyrka
Ben Klassen
Keywords: ben klassen; kreativitet; kreativistens kyrka
Downloads: 47
[texts]Racial Loyalty Issue 22
Church of the Creator
Keywords: Ben Klassen; Matt Hale; Creativity
Downloads: 46
[texts]Racial Loyalty - Kreativistens Kyrka
Racial Loyalty
Keywords: Ben Klassen; Kreativism; Kreativistens Kyrka
Downloads: 1,172
[texts]The Creativity Movement Street Outreach (East)
Literature distributed by TCM
Keywords: Matt Hale; Creativity; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 58
[image]Imperium 9
Creativity Magazinehttp://creativityreligion.wordpress.comhttp://www.creativitymovement.net
Keywords: Ben Klassen; Creativity; Religion; White Pride
Downloads: 27
[audio]A Short Response To '' A Critique Of Creativity''
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgA Short Response to ''A Critique of Creativity''by Reverend Matt Hale, Pontifex Maximus EmeritusDear Friends,It is with great grief that I must report to you the death of my beloved father, Russell Hale Jr on April 23rd, four days ago at the time of this writing. Please allow me to share my thoughts about this fine man who meant so much to me and whom I loved so dearly.My father and I were especially close because he is the one w...
Keywords: Ben Klassen; Matt Hale; RAHOWA; Creativity
Downloads: 1
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgThe Church: Its ORGANIZATIONS AND CONGREGATIONSby Reverend Matt Hale, Pontifex Maximus EmeritusFellow Creator Brothers and Sisters! Confusions, misunderstandings, and ensuing tumult have occurred concerning the true structure of our Church and its adherents that I need to put to rest. I hope that I may succeed in doing so with this article.It must first be understood that all Creators, simply all Creators, are part of the same ch...
Keywords: Matt Hale; RAHOWA; Creativity; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 3
[audio]Brother Michael I ’s Awakening
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgBrother Michael I.’s Awakening My name is Michael and I live in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. I am a 28 year old white male and a fully qualified geologist, now studying computers at my local college. I came across Creativity one day, whilst doing research on discrimination, for my class report, relating to health and safety aspects...
Keywords: COTC; RAHOWA; Matt Hale; Creativity; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 4
[audio]Rev Dan Hassett’s Awakenings
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgRev. Dan Hassett’s Awakenings Racial Greetings, Comrades: RAHOWA! In this essay, I will chronicle my initial association with the Creativity Movement and the profound impact it had on my life. Interestingly enough, my beliefs and thought processes were moving towards the direction of Creativity long before I was aware of the existence of Creativity...
Keywords: Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; RAHOWA; Creativity
Downloads: 6
[audio]Salubrious Living (1982) Audio Book + eBook
Keywords:; Ben Klassen; Salubrious Living
Downloads: 16
[texts]Tom Metzger Cartoons
Tom Metzger cartoonshttp://creativityreligion.wordpress.com
Keywords: Tom Metzger; Creativity; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 20
[audio]Interview with Matthew Hale from the book “Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America”
http://www.creativityreligion.info Interview with Matthew Hale from the book “Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America” From the book “Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America” Matthew Hale, who goes by the title of pontifex maximus of the World Church of the Creator, first came to national attention in late 1998 when a panel of the Illinois Bar Association’s Committee on Character and Fitness voted to deny him a license to pr...
Keywords: Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; RAHOWA; Creativity
Downloads: 41
[audio]Brother Richard Heit’s Awakening
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgBrother Richard Heit’s Awakening To all you beautiful, strong, and proud White Men and Women reading this, I extend my warmest and most heartfelt Racial Greetings! My name is Richard Heit. I am a 30-something White Man and very, very proud of it. Also, you should know, I am prisoner confined within the gulags of Z.O.G. here in the state of Michigan, fourteen years total...
Keywords: COTC; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; RAHOWA; Creativity
Downloads: 97
[movies]Survival Of The White Race: An Introduction To The Religion Of Creativity I have to say in the next 40 minutes is probably going to shock you. It might even profoundly shake up some of your most cherished superstitions and pet presumptions that you may have nurtured all your life, without perhaps ever bothering to examine the validity or worthiness of those presumptions. This discussion is going to delve seriously into race and religion—two subjects which our power establishment tells us we must never discuss, unless of co...
Keywords:; Creativity; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 19
[movies]Ben Klassen 1989 Tribute To Adolf Hitler Speech
http://www.creativityreligion.info Ben Klassen – Adolf Hitler Tribute Speech (1989) RAHOWA! We’re gathered here today to pay tribute to and give recognition to the greatest man in history. His name was Adolf Hitler. And in my view he was the greatest White man that ever lived, and the greatest leader that the White Race has ever had, without a rival. He has influenced not only our lives but the whole world greatly in the last century...
Keywords: COTC; RAHOWA; Creativity; Ben Klassen; Adolf Hitler
Downloads: 369
[audio]Terror In Chicago Kevin Alfred Strom On Matt Hale's Arrest
http://www.creativityreligion.info Matt Hale | Michael Chertoff.Last week Americans felt the sting of the new police state. Last week the "USA Patriot Act" found a victim. Last week Michael Chertoff struck again. Chertoff is the Jew in the Bush administration whose job it is to silence those who oppose the upcoming war on Iraq, and to silence those who speak out against the ongoing genocide of Whites in America...
Keywords: Rahowa; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; Creativity Movement
Downloads: 118
[audio]The Manifesto
http://www.creativityreligion.info The manifesto A short story by Peter Horn from the book “Walking The Road of Deaths – Short Stories” There are strange minds living in strange brains. Strange regions of the mind, unvisited by most, yet suddenly exploding on the front pages of newspapers and evening newscasts on TV when their time comes. Pale young geniuses, charismatic charlatans, criminals of the popular dreams, who spend their time in dilapidated old ...
Keywords: White Man's Bible; Ben Klassen; RAHOWA; Creativity
Downloads: 82
[audio]Interview With Hale By Chiarimento Magazine
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgInterview with Hale by Chiarimento magazine Matt Hale Pontifex Maximus,World Church of the Creator CHIARIMENTO: What is the function of your organization? HALE: The purpose, or function of our organization is to lead the effort to ensure and secure the survival of our White Race. CHIARIMENTO: Our understanding is that you feel that the white race has contributed more to the world than others; is this true? HALE: Yes, this is true...
Keywords: RAHOWA; Creativity; Kreativistens Kyrka; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 6
[audio]Sermon From Solitary The White Superman By
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgSermon from solitary: The White Superman by Reverend Matt Hale, Pontifex Maximus EmeritusMy Brother and Sisters! The task before us is not simply to straighten out the thinking of our White people but also to become superior men and women possessing the power to do so. You must become better than you currently are. You must strive for continual self-improvement and raze within you the weeds of mediocrity and inferiority that ar...
Keywords: COTC; RAHOWA; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; Creativity Movement
Downloads: 7
[audio]Talradio - Kreativistens Kyrka
Keywords: Ben Klassen; Matt Hale; Kreativism; Kreativistens Kyrka; RAHOWA
Downloads: 147
[audio]Renewing The Struggle
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgRenewing the Struggle Racial Greetings Brothers and Sisters, This is a great time to be a Creator. Never in the 27 years of Creativity has our Struggle for Racial Loyalty been able to touch as many people as it does today. We of the Racially Enlightened Church of the Creator have become the movers and the shakers of the White Power World...
Keywords: COTC; Creativity movement; Ben Klassen; Matt Hale; Kreativistens Kyrka
Downloads: 9
[audio]An Educator’s Awakening
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgAn Educator's AwakeningMy commitment to White racialism--ever since I was first exposed to it--has regrettably been more theoretical than practical, since the "multi-cultural" world of the major city that I live in doesn't leave much room to practice it (legally). And because I enjoy teaching (and possess a masters degree and a state teacher's certificate--whatever pittance those meaningless things may be worth in our contemporar...
Keywords: COTC; RAHOWA; Creativity; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; Kreativistens Kyrka
Downloads: 6
[audio]The 16 Commandments Defined
The 16 Commandments Defined
Keywords: The 16 Commandments Defined; Ben Klassen; Creativity Religion
Downloads: 3
[audio]Brother Jim H ’s Awakening
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgBrother Jim H.’s Awakening I suppose that you could call me a child of the ‘60’s. I first became aware of the world around me in 1960 when my first introduction to the world of politics came during the Kennedy/Nixon campaigns of that year. My background was Irish-Catholic and it set a new standard for comparisons when “one of our own,” JFK, was nominated and elected...
Keywords: COTC; RAHOWA; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; Creativity movement
Downloads: 14
[movies]What A Creator Is Not
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgWhat A Creator Is Not BEN KLASSEN: And we want to make it clear just where we stand, in relation to the nazi party or any other group. And we want to make it clear that we are not neo-nazis, we are not a replay of the nazi party. We are not a number of other things that I want to clear up. We are not white supremacists. What is a white supremacist? A white supremacist is a person or group that wants to be supreme over inferior pe...
Keywords: Ben Klassen; COTC; WCOTC; Matt Hale; Creativity Religion; Creativity Movement
Downloads: 21
[audio]Convert To Creativity
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgConvert to Creativity In this sad day and age for our Race, the White Power movement is plagued by a multitude of factions. Although we all agree on the Fourteen Words, everyone seems to have his own individual pet peeves or issues; hence there are hundreds of piddly, insignificant groups in what is loosely called our “movement.” Racialist author Jared Taylor summed up the reason for all the ideological division amongst us by...
Keywords: COTC; Rahowa; Creativity movement; Kreativistens Kyrka; Ben Klassen; Matt Hale
Downloads: 13
[audio]Support The Idea AND The Leader
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgSupport the Idea AND The Leader by Sister Lisa Turner Most sincere and dedicated people join a pro-White organization because they deeply believe in the ideology or worldview which the organization espouses. However, an “ideal” is often felt to be a vague, far-away goal, at time frustratingly unreal even in the eyes of the staunchest fighters...
Keywords: RAHOWA; Creativity; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; Kreativistens Kyrka
Downloads: 7
[audio]Strength And Loyalty, Part II
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgStrength and Loyalty, Part II By Rev. Matt Hayhow In part one of “Strength and Loyalty”, I discussed strength through thoughtful self-control (i.e. responsibility). An important part of using this, our individual discipline, for the progress of Creativity, is melding these strengthened pieces, us, into one mighty White battering ram...
Keywords: RAHOWA; COTC; Creativity; Ben Klassen; Kreativistens Kyrka; Matt Hale
Downloads: 11
[audio]No Sympathy For The Race Traitors In Zimbabwe
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgNo Sympathy for the Race Traitors in Zimbabwe By Tom Metzger Let’s cut the bullshit here and now. I worked on the Rhodesia problem as far back as the early seventies. I fought the antiracist scum in the streets when they tried to stop Ian Smith the Rhodesian president from visiting San Diego, Ca. I had a plane pulling a banner to welcome Smith to the U.S...
Keywords: COTC; RAHOWA; Creativity movement; Ben Klassen; Matt Hale; Tom Metzger
Downloads: 19
[audio]A Proud Sister’s Awakening
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgA Proud Sister's AwakeningRacial Greetings Beautiful White Brothers and Sisters!My life changed about 2 years ago, and I believe that although it wasn't a good change at the time, it led me to something called Creativity and to who I am today.It happened while I was on vacation in San Francisco. Understand that I am a small town girl from way up North that is quite naive and doesn't really know all the dangers of city living...
Keywords: Kreativistens Kyrka; Ben Klassen; Matt Hale; Creativity Religion
Downloads: 43
[audio]Sister Lisa Turner’s Awakening
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgSister Lisa Turner's AwakeningI would like to share my story of awakening, and how I joined the World Church of the Creator and came to adopt Creativity as my religion. I was introduced to the life affirming Creed by Reverend Matt Hale.Prior to making contact with him via the incredible technology of the Internet and seeing the Creativity website, I had only vaguely heard of the Church, and had never read any of Ben Klassen's wri...
Keywords: Kreativistens Kyrka; Creativity Movement; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; Lisa Turner
Downloads: 22
[audio]No Random Act The Ben Klassen Story – 3
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgNo Random Act: The Ben Klassen Story – 3: Hitler’s Promised Revenge After the humiliation of the fisticuffs with two of his students, Klassen returned to the University of Saskatchewan in the summer of 1938 and majored in child psychology, determined to figure out “what made those brats tick.” Instead, he became intrigued by the events in Europe and Adolf Hitler’s annexation of Austria to Germany...
Keywords: Ben Klassen; No Random Act; Matt Hale; RAHOWA; Creativity
Downloads: 30
[audio]Interview with Lisa Turner from the book “Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America”
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgInterview with Lisa Turner from the book “Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America” All of the people interviewed in the present volume up to this point have been males. This is no accident or selection bias, but reflects the simple fact that the most activist members of white protest, white nationalist, and white supremacy organizations have almost always been males, and despite important changes in recent years, ...
Keywords: Racism; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; Lisa Turner; Creativity; COTC; RAHOWA
Downloads: 79
[texts]The Meaning of Cosmotheism
Explaining Cosmotheism
Keywords: Cosmotheism; Dr. William Pierce; Ben Klassen; Creativity; National Alliance
Downloads: 168
[texts]Against the Evil Tide
This is an Autobiography of Ben Klassen and his Mennonite Heritage dating back to the 16th century
Keywords: Ben Klassen; Mennonite; Czar Nicolas I; Jacob Klassen; Saskatchewan
Downloads: 68
[audio]Pierce 20010707 Fast And Furious
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgFast and Furiousby Dr. William PierceLast week I gave an interview to an English-language radio station in Teheran. The program was "The Islamic Voice of Iran." We talked about a number of things, including Ariel Sharon's visit to the White House, which was taking place at the time, and about President Bush's popularity ratings. The Iranian interviewer asked me whether Bush would take a more sensible, pro-American policy in the M...
Keywords: COTC; William Pierce; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; Fast and Furious
Downloads: 195
[movies]Svastika, Midgard Soner, Division S, Bound For Glory Live In Stockholm ( 4.2.1995)
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgSvastika, Bound For Glory, Midgårds Söner, Division S.
Keywords: COTC; RAHOWA; Creativity; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen; Bound For Glory
Downloads: 47
[audio]No Random Act The Ben Klassen Story – 6
http://www.creativityreligion.infohttp://www.kreativistenskyrka.orgNo Random Act: The Ben Klassen Story – 6: Searching for an Enemy Ben Klassen could not believe that something as evil as communism – ultimately estimated as responsible for more than eighty million deaths 1 – could be a random act. But because he would not believe in the existence of spiritual forces (“spooks in the sky,” he called them), he searched for exclusively human scapegoats, never thinking that the same force ...
Keywords: COTC; RAHOWA; Creativity Religion; Ben Klassen; Matt Hale
Downloads: 29
[texts]White Empire by Rev. Kenneth Molyneaux
Racialist religious fiction influenced by a Minister of the Creativity religion.
Keywords: Kenneth Molyneaux; Creativity; Matt Hale; White Empire; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 156
[movies]Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told ( Full 6 Hours Documentary)
Keywords: Adolf Hitler; COTC; RAHOWA; Matt Hale; Ben Klassen
Downloads: 15,254 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
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